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Bygelowe en waar hulle vandaan kom (ePub) | Encyclopaedias & General Reference

Anton Prinsloo


Did you know that British actors don’t mention Shakespeare’s play Macbecth by name? It is believed to bring bad luck and ruin a production. Instead, the classic drama is simply referred to as the Scottish play.
Did you know that buildings in East Asia have no fourth floor, and that some buildings in Hong Kong have no floors at all with the figure 4 in them? Floors 4, 14, 24, 34 and 40 to 49 simply don’t exist in some skyscrapers. This is because many people in China, Korea and Japan suffer from tetraphobia, a fear of the figure 4. They believe it spells misfortune.
Why is there no green in French theatres, and no violet in Italian theatres? It’s all due to superstition, which often differs from culture to culture. What’s more, one culture’s superstition is another’s popular belief.  
Following the format of his popular Spreekwoorde en waar hulle vandaan kom, Dr Anton Prinsloo in Bygelowe en waar hulle vandaan kom shares a myriad superstitions with readers, sometimes also shedding light on their origins.
 This reference work is South Africa’s first comprehensive dictionary of supersititions in Afrikaans.

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Bygelowe en waar hulle vandaan kom (ePub) | Encyclopaedias & General Reference

Author: Anton Prinsloo
Category: Encyclopaedias & General Reference
ISBN: 9781868901357
Date Released: 25 October 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 350.00
Format: ePub, 370pp

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Anton Prinsloo

At the age of ten, Dr. Anton Prinsloo had his first two stories published in the then daily newspaper Die Transvaler. Since then, he had been interested in the...