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Ukuvuka kwam ekufeni (ePub) | Autobiography

Thembelani Ngenelwa


“One regret I have from publishing my book in English is that my mother and grandmother, who both speak and write Xhosa fluently, can’t understand it – along with the children in my community.” – Thembelani Ngenelwa at a debate on mother tongue publishing at the Cape Town Book Fair, 2007

It is for this reason that Kwela Books decided to publish Thembelani's highly acclaimed book The Day I Died in his home language.

Thembelani Ngenelwa is a personable 20-something guy who can’t find a good job in Cape Town. Like many of his peers, he goes to Jo’burg in search of work and to catch up with old friends. After leaving a friend’s house in an informal settlement one night, Thembelani and three companions are attacked by a group of gunmen. Running for their lives, the friends scatter in all directions, and Thembelani is chased after and shot five times at point-blank range, before being dragged over a railway crossing to die.

Having sustained such serious injuries – and after being in a coma for four days – there is little hope that Thembelani will survive. Through his own tenacity, and the support of his friends and the hospital staff, he makes a full recovery.

This is a remarkable true story of surviving the brutal and senseless violence that erupts daily on South Africa’s streets.

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Ukuvuka kwam ekufeni (ePub) | Autobiography

Author: Thembelani Ngenelwa
Category: Autobiography
ISBN: 9780795703645
Date Released: 08 April 2008
Price (incl. VAT): R 195.00
Format: ePub, 144 pp

About this author

Thembelani Ngenelwa

Thembelani Ngenelwa was born on the 13 March 1977 in the village of Madladleni, Engcobo in the Eastern Cape. The eldest of three boys, he learnt his...