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South-African Law: What You Should Know (ePub) | Law: General & Reference

Francois Smuts


At some point we are all faced with legal problems. Whether you want to sue a builder for damage to your house or your daughter could tell you that she’s getting divorced, you’ll need trustworthy source of information about the law.
Even everyday situations require legal knowledge. To employ a domestic worker you’ll need a contract and having a testament is necessary to help avoid family fights after your death.
South-African Law: What You Should Know is an easily understandable, authoritative guide to South Africa’s legal landscape, written by an expert. Save yourself money and sleepless nights by consulting this comprehensive book before you end up in a lawyer’s office – or in court.
In this practical and informative guide you can find legal advice on all the issues which the average family encounters:
The meaning of legal terminology
Understanding the legalities when you buy property
Which pitfalls to avoid before you sign a contract
What you have to look out for in a contract when you get married of divorced
You basic rights in the working place
Where to find legal help
Keeping legal costs to the minimum
Not only is the above and many other legal principles explained in accessible language, there is also practical advice on a wide range of other problems you might encounter.

Also available in Afrikaans: Die Suid-Afrikaanse reg: Wat elkeen moet weet

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South-African Law: What You Should Know (ePub) | Law: General & Reference

Author: Francois Smuts
Category: Law: General & Reference
ISBN: 9780624054405
Date Released: 20 June 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 450.00
Format: Soft cover, 384pp

About this author

Francois Smuts

Francois Smuts is an advocate on the Cape Town bar, but he has worked as a newspaper deliveryman, an assistant in a bookshop, security guard, medical student,...