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Tou (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Piet Steyn


More and more gruesome scenes are being discovered – in a clump of poplars on the Free State platteland, in a dilapidated house in a Johannesburg suburb, then in a barn on a smallholding near Pretoria – corpses hanging by their neck from a branch or a rafter, conspicuously cruelly executed.

Stuck on the chest of each of the executed is a list of transgressions, together with the emblem of an organisation that calls itself the Church beneath the Cross. Somewhere between eGoli’s mine dumps and the Goldfields slime dams lies the answer to the youngest riddle in the Superintendent Pine Pienaar murder series.

The Pine Pienaar Series
Snoeiskêr Bottelnek
Snoeiskêr (2008)
Bottelnek (2009)

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Tou (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Author: Piet Steyn
Category: Crime & Thriller
ISBN: 9780624051176
Date Released: 16 September 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 300.00
Format: ePub, 256pp

About this author

Piet Steyn

Piet Steyn has been a navigator, miner, mathematics teacher, rugby coach and school principal. When asked how he actually became a writer, he replies: “I think...