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Saartjie 4: Saartjie se donkie (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Bettie Naudé

Human & Rousseau

Saartjie and her younger brother eat the preserved peaches their mom wanted to enter for the agricultural show and for punishment they are barred from going to the circus. This is a big blow to our heroine and she immediately starts making plans to get inside the big top. Soon after this adventure she proves to the local boys that she is far better than any of them at riding a donkey. She takes the donkey into her parents’ backyard but then the animal decides to explore – with catastrophic results. As her older brother always says – when Saartjie is around, something is bound to happen!

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Saartjie 4: Saartjie se donkie (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Author: Bettie Naudé
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798154444
Date Released: 02 November 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 130.00
Format: ePub, 120pp

About this author

Bettie Naudé

Bettie Naudé's character Saartjie has been popular among young Afrikaans readers for a long time. Naudé is the pseudonym of Topsy Smith, one of the most...