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Trompie 13: Trompie die vegter (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Topsy Smith

Human & Rousseau

The exams are in ten days time, but Trompie feels it is much too early to start studying as he is bound to forget everything he has learnt. His mates Rooie and Blikkies buy into this theory, but as always, Dawie knows better. In the meantime a new boy in the school is making our hero’s life a misery by spreading all kinds of rumours about him. It soon becomes obvious that this guy is looking for a fight but Trompie is cautious because the newcomer is big and strong and has a reputation for being unbeatable. However, things come to a head when this guy hurts Dawie. Trompie decides that this is it – the bully needs to be cut down to size. Almost all the town’s children flock to the dam in the kloof to watch this mother of all fights.

Just before the exams Trompie decides to play a trick on his one mate. He covers toffees with a coat of glue and takes them to school but then things get out of hand and the school’s vice-principal as well as the principal end up with painful jaws!

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Trompie 13: Trompie die vegter (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Author: Topsy Smith
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798154734
Date Released: 01 October 2007
Price (incl. VAT): R 130.00
Format: ePub, 120pp

About this author

Topsy Smith

Topsy Smith’s character Trompie was a role model for the young people of his time. Smith is one of the most popular and successful youth authors in Afrikaans....