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Endgame: Secret Talks and the End of Apartheid (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Willie Esterhuyse


In May 1989, National Intelligence contacted me. Their request took me by complete surprise: “Get in touch with Thabo Mbeki. Ask him to travel to London where you and he will meet in private. No one else must know.” I started trembling violently. I realised at once that this was the real deal. Should I get involved in something that could compromise me so deeply that everything morally important to me might go to ruin?

The full story of the secret meetings between ANC leaders and a select few Afrikaners in the turbulent 1980s, told for the first time by someone who was there himself: Stellenbosch professor Willie Esterhuyse. Eindstryd recounts how these talks, held behind closed doors in England, not only kicked-started negotiations in South Africa, but also led to an unlikely yet lasting friendship between an Afrikaner insider and a young activist and eventual president.
Esterhuyse’s first-hand account, filled with anecdotes, offers a fresh look at many South African leaders. It contains fascinating information on i.a. secret discussions in prison, what went on in PW Botha’s situation room, and how the NIS tried to save South Africa from widespread violence by covertly intervening in the high-stakes chess game played by the “enemies”. 
“Important, revealing, and a good read too.”  Jan-Jan Joubert, political journalist
“Anyone who wants to understand how we got to where we are, should read this.”  Ruda Landman, ex-Carte Blanche journalist

Verkrygbaar in Afrikaans as Eindstryd.

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Endgame: Secret Talks and the End of Apartheid (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Author: Willie Esterhuyse
Category: Politics: General & Reference
ISBN: 9780624058120
Date Released: 17 April 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 320.00
Format: ePub, 365pp

About this author

Willie Esterhuyse

WILLIE ESTERHUYSE was born in 1936 in Laingsburg, where his father farmed. He studied at the University of Stellenbosch, where after a sabbatical of 2 ½ years...