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Sien Suid-Afrika: Ons land in infografika | Encyclopaedias & General Reference

Dawid van Lill


A fresh new look at South Africa from well-known author Dawid van Lill. 
See South Africa is the latest offering from an author whose name has become synonymous with reliable and fast facts. Where regular trivia and fact guides consist of list upon list of information, Van Lill takes a different route here and represents facts about the country at a glance with an innovative visual approach.
On every one of the 90 double-page, full-colour spreads, Van Lill curates interesting and important information that every South African needs to know: from the symbolic meaning of the country’s shield, to the location and height of every lighthouse on the coast of our country. This book will be welcomed in every home – a boon to readers young and old.

Also available in English: See South-Africa: Our Country in Infographics

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Sien Suid-Afrika: Ons land in infografika | Encyclopaedias & General Reference

Author: Dawid van Lill
Category: Encyclopaedias & General Reference
ISBN: 9780624054436
Date Released: 29 March 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 310.00
Format: Soft cover, 208pp

About this author

Dawid van Lill

Dawid van Lill is one of South Africa’s best-known curators of knowledge. He has been involved in many radio and TV gameshows as keeper of facts, including The...