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Ruisdal se nuwe chirurg (ePub) | Romance & Sagas

Serena Steyn


Magdali’s marriage has ended. She was pressured into it by her father, because her wrong-side-of-the-tracks love of university years, Dolf, was not acceptable, even though he was also on his way to becoming a surgeon.
Now Magdali and Dolf are both qualified physicians, and when Dolf hears that Magdali has divorced her husband, he returns to South Africa from Switzerland.
He buys into the orthopedic practice at Ruisdal Hospital, where he learns of emblezzlement on the part of Magdali’s father. He uses this information to force her into a marriage of convenience with him, in hopes of evading a number of women who are intent on getting him to the altar.
Magdali soon learns that the spark between them never died. A night of passion leads to a shocking discovery, just when it seems that Dolf has chosen Switzerland and another woman . . .

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Ruisdal se nuwe chirurg (ePub) | Romance & Sagas

Author: Serena Steyn
Category: Romance & Sagas
ISBN: 9780624056713
Date Released: 20 December 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 95.00
Format: ePub, 224pp

About this author

Serena Steyn

Serena Steyn is the pseudonym of author Hetta Kotze . She was born in Bloemfontein and grew up in Benoni. She’s been writing full-time since 1993 and has more...