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Ware verhale van vergifnis (ePub) | Christian Lifestyle

Helana Olivier

Lux Verbi

Everybody knows the saying “forgive and forget”. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. It’s difficult to forgive someone who hurt you or did you wrong. This results in bitterness and as long as we carry bitterness in our hearts we won’t find healing.

The good news is that forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion. You can choose to walk the road of recovery. In Ware verhale van vergifnis Helana Olivier brings together 25 stories of real forgiveness. Anyone who battles with forgiveness will find hope and inspiration within these stories.

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Ware verhale van vergifnis (ePub) | Christian Lifestyle

Author: Helana Olivier
Category: Christian Lifestyle
ISBN: 9780796315717
Date Released: 10 November 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 210.00
Format: ePub, 240pp

About this author

Helana Olivier

Helana Olivier obtained a BA degree and a postgraduate diploma as well as a licentiate in speech and drama from Stellenbosch University. After a teaching career...