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Die skrywer | General Fiction

Esta Steyn


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One stormy night Anabella Maria Bennet (27) and all her secrets end up in front of the gates of Addington Estate near the small town of Heimat. Arthur Addington (49), a well-known American scriptwriter, has been living a reclusive life here since the death of his wife and son in an accident two years previously. His once illustrious career is decidedly shaky. The town folk judge him because his former housekeeper charged him with assault while he was under the influence of alcohol.
Under the impression that Ben (as she is called) is a housekeeper coming to apply for work, Arthur swears at her and wants to send her away immediately. However, he reluctantly hires her for the weekend after receiving unexpected news of important guests who will be visiting him.
The weekend becomes two months  as Anabella, in her own unique way, slowly but surely begins to penetrate Arthur’s defences. Jameson, the caretaker, becomes her confidant and only he knows that she is actually a reporter from Johannesburg on holiday. However, what no one knows is that she is terminally ill and temporarily in remission.
In her outside room Anabella decides to write her own unique story, as the daughter of a missionary in Africa. It is the story of her lion, Paka, and other characters like the old Swahili man, Kepo, as well as her stepmother, Dr Catherine Dumay – and their hardships.
In search of a new story, Arthur undertakes a journey through Africa with members of a Wildlife Resource Foundation, little knowing that the manuscript that will change his life is waiting for him under his own roof upon his return.

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Die skrywer | General Fiction

Author: Esta Steyn
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780624054412
Date Released: 01 June 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 235.00
Format: Soft cover, 216pp

About this author

Esta Steyn

Esta Ellis, the youngest of three daughters, was born on 23 July 1945 in Struisbaai where her parents, Hennie and Hettie Ellis, were the owners of the old...