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Boerumoer (ePub) | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Sarel Pieterse

Human & Rousseau

Oom Gysbert’s stories are set on farms and in towns in the Karoo. Boggie starts to visit the hospital so that he knows beforehand when the next funeral will be. The tightfisted Aunt Geesie keeps her sugar safe in the Valley of a Thousand Hills of her bossom. And when one doesn’t have wine for communion, mampoer will always do.

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Boerumoer (ePub) | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Author: Sarel Pieterse
Category: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies
ISBN: 9780798153492
Date Released: 10 November 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: ePub, 160pp

About this author

Sarel Pieterse

Sarel Pieterse grew up all over South Africa, but spent his high school years in Sutherland, where the Karoo bushes soaked into his bones. Sarel was a teacher...