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13-year-old Ben Smith attends St David's, where rugby is a compulsory sport. After the annual derby against Voortrekker High in which a St David's player is severely injured and rushed to hospital, Ben inadvertently catches a glimpse of a bottle labelled Methyltestosterone in the player's tog bag. But when he is told "It's just vitamins, OK?" by another team member, he remembers some references from the team's facebook page . . . What follows turns Ben's life upside down.

Win exciting prizes by simply reading the novel and reacting with functional writing in 150-300 words:
Imagine you are an Agony Aunt in a magazine. Write the response that you would have given to any of the main characters who wrote to you regarding their problem. Remember to motivate your response.

Prizes: Winner: own choice of books from our catalogue to the value of R1000. English Teacher of winner: any three books from our catalogue. School of winner:
• Book pack to the value of R3000;
• Creative writing course by a popular author for 30 learners Runner-up: own choice of books from our catalogue to the value of R1000.
School with most entries: Book pack to the value of R1000 / Creative writing course for 30 learners

Email entries to: elana.bredell@nb.co.za / henk.viljoen@nb.co.za by 23 September 2016.
Remember to include the name of the learner(s), English teacher and school.


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 Liewe Heksie kry ’n Verjaardag Liewe Heksie en die bikini
 Heksie en Blommie sing in die straat Liewe Heksie en die motor
 Liewe Heksie en die toorwoorde Liewe Heksie maak die koning gesond
 Liewe Heksie en die donkie Liewe Heksie in die land van die Gifappeltjies
Liewe Heksie word babawagter 
Tjiff en Tjaff  Tjiff en Tjaff
Tjiff en Tjaff  Tjiff en Tjaff


Tjiff en Tjaff

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Chris Karsten

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Chris Karsten was born on 9 November 1947 in Morgenzon in Mpumalanga. He matriculated at Hoogenhout High School in Bethal and completed a BA degree in Afrikaans...


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