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Storierak now for Android

Get your favourite Afrikaans children’s stories on the Storierak app.

Storierak is an interactive app that guarantees hours of reading pleasure and fun for children.

The Storierak app is available for the iPad and the iPad Mini in the Apple App Store as well as for tablets with Android in the Google Play Store.

Download the app for free, and then choose the books that you’d like to download – your first book is free!

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 Liewe Heksie kry ’n Verjaardag Liewe Heksie en die bikini
 Heksie en Blommie sing in die straat Liewe Heksie en die motor
 Liewe Heksie en die toorwoorde Liewe Heksie maak die koning gesond
 Liewe Heksie en die donkie Liewe Heksie in die land van die Gifappeltjies
Liewe Heksie word babawagter 
Tjiff en Tjaff  Tjiff en Tjaff
Tjiff en Tjaff  Tjiff en Tjaff


Tjiff en Tjaff

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Marilyn Honikman

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Marilyn Honikman has been involved with writers most of her life. She says: “But I was a ‘smous’, a marketer, not a writer. Everyone else in my life was always...


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