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Annerle Barnard

Biographical info

Annerle Barnard was born in Musina. At the end of her Grade 4 year her family left the Bushveld with its upside down trees for the red earth plains of the...


Latest Releases

Catching the Thunder | Natural History: Animal & Wildlife

Kjetil Sæter

Courage, perseverance, and a chase across three oceans. Infamous poaching vessel Thunder, wanted by Interpol, evaded justice for more than 10 years. Catching...


Kry styl - Jesus s'n! | Christian Lifestyle

Stephan Joubert
Lux Verbi

Our challenge today is how to reach everyone for the Lord. But we need a new mindset for this. We need a new style, Jesus’s style. We need to know what to do...

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