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Gabi Steenkamp
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Gabi Steenkamp has extensive experience as a private practicing dietitian, being not only involved in patient consultations but also in nutrition consulting within the food industry. Her in-depth nutrition knowledge, practical experience and exposure to the food industry make her the ideal person to ensure that food labels in South Africa are compliant with the new food labelling regulations.
She currently practises in Johannesburg, and is regarded as an extremely practical and down-to-earth dietician. She regularly is a keynote speaker and being an excellent presenter, she has done numerous nutrition wellness seminars for many companies. She has also written various articles in the popular and professional press and has presented workshops and lectures on nutrition-related topics at nutrition congresses.

Published titles at Tafelberg

Eet vir volgehoue energie 1 (2006)
Eet vir volgehoue energie 2 (2008)
Eet vir volgehoue energie 3 (2009)
Eet vir volgehoue energie 4 (2011)

Volgehoue energie vir kinders (2006)
Soet en sout vir volgehou energie (2008) 
Eet slim en bly slank
Kos in 'n kits vir volgehou energie

Eating for Sustained Energy 1 (2006)
Eating for Sustained Energy 2 (2008)
Eating for Sustained Energy 3 (2009)
Eating for Sustained Energy 4 (2011)

Sustained Energy for Kids (2006)
Eat Smart and Stay Slim (2009) 
Snacks and Treats for Sustained Energy  (2008)
Fast Food for Sustained Energy  (2012)

Books By This Author