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Author Focus


Jan van Tonder

Biographical info

Jan Christiaan van Tonder was born on 29 August 1954 and grew up in Durban. He has a degree in psychology and criminology. He started writing in 1979 while he...


Latest Releases

Catching the Thunder | Natural History: Animal & Wildlife

Kjetil Sæter

Courage, perseverance, and a chase across three oceans. Infamous poaching vessel Thunder, wanted by Interpol, evaded justice for more than 10 years. Catching...


Huisgenoot Smulkos | Food & Drink

Esther Malan
Human & Rousseau

Lus vir lekker eet? Dus presies waarna jy en jou gesin kan uitsien met die smulresepte in dié boek. Met die eerste oogopslag sien jy ou bekendes: worsies,...

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