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Linda Rode
Biographical info

Linda Rode is well known in the children’s book world as an avid collector and lover of fairytales.

Other collections of stories published by Tafelberg are Goue lint, my storie begint, Goue fluit, my storie is uit, and Stories vir die vaak, which was also available in English as Tick Tock Story Clock.

Her storytelling style is perfect for reading aloud, and translator Elsa Silke has done a marvelous job of converting Linda’s expressive Afrikaans into equally expressive English.

Author Bookshelf

In die land van Pamperland, Human & Rousseau (2013)
In die Nimmer-Immer Bos, Tafelberg (2010)
Goue lint, my storie begint, Tafelberg (2000)

Anthologies/books for children:

Goue lint, my storie begint (compiler/contributor) 1985. Tafelberg. lllustrator: Alida Bothma
CP Hoogenhout Prize 1986

Goue fluit, my storie is uit (compiler/contributor) 1988. Tafelberg. Illustrator: Alida Bothma
MER Prize with Alida Bothma

Stories vir die vaak/Tick Tock, Story Clock (author; mostly retellings) 1992. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Cora Coetzee
IBBY Honour List 1994.

Stories Suid van die Son/Stories South of the Sun (Co-compiler with Christel & Hans Bodenstein) 1993. Tafelberg.
Percy Fitzpatrick Award for Youth Literature 1993

Was Oupa rêrig ’n seerower? (translator) Tafelberg.
IBBY Honour List for Translation 1994

In die Nimmer-Immer-Bos/In the Never-Ever Wood (author; folkloristic retellings) 2009. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Fiona Moodie
Alba Bouwer Prize of the South African Academy of Arts & Science 2010
MER Prize with Fiona Moodie 2010
IBBY Honour List for 2011
Exclusive Books IBBY SA Award 2012

In die land van Pamperlang 2014. Tafelberg
Illustrator: Johann Strauss
M.E.R. Prize for the best illustrated children’s book 2014


My HAT Storiewoordeboek (translator) – translated and adapted from Dutch) 2010. Pearson Education.
Woordwystoekenning (award for dictionaries) – Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging 2011

Other anthologies/books for children, young adults/adults:

Sonroepertjies (collection of children’s verse by different authors) 1988. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Lorrain Roodt

’n Wors het twee ente (collection of idioms) 1989. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Fred Mouton.

’n Glimlag kan groei (author); humoristic everyday-advice for children 1990. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Cora Coetzee

Vrede op aarde - a collection of Christmas stories (collector/translator of some stories) 1990. Tafelberg.
Illustrator: Alida Bothma.

Keerpunt/Crossing over – Stories for a new South Africa (Co-compiler with Jakes Gerwel; translator of several stories into Afrikaans) 1995. Kwela.
Stroomversnelling/In the rapids – New South African Stories (Co-compiler with Jakes Gerwel; co-translator into Afrikaans with Ettie Williams) 2001. Kwela.

Another kind of one nation* (Co-compiler with Hans Bodenstein) 1996. Kwela.
Ek, ’n lewende pyl/I, a living arrow* (Co-compiler with Hans Bodenstein; translator into Afrikaans) 1998. Kwela.
Op met die af roltrap/Up the down escalator* (Co-compiler with Hans Bodenstein; translator into Afrikaans) 2000. Kwela.
*(Contributions by senior high school pupils)

Die Madiba-boek/Madiba Magic (consulting editor; translator of several stories) 2002. Tafelberg.

Other translations:

Numerous children’s and juvenile books from English, German and Dutch.


Translations of adult fiction:

6 Augustus/Der 6. August (Josef Gollwitzer)1976. Tafelberg.

Dans met armmansdogter/Dance with a poor man’s daughter (Pamela Jooste) 2008. Umuzi.
Shortlisted for the SAVI/SATI-prys vir Voortreflike Literêre Vertaling 2009 (Award for Outstanding Literary Translation)

Bitter heuning/Bitter Honey (unpublished manuscriptby Hermione Suttner) 2011. Kwela.
SAVI-prys vir Voortreflike Literêre vertaling 2012 (SATI Award for Outstanding Literary Translation)

Book published in October 2013:
In die Land van Pamperlang (author), Human & Rousseau. Retellings of folkloristic tales and old nursery tales for 3-4-year-olds and first readers, with some original contributions. Illustrator: Johann Strauss.

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