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Chris Steyn
Biographical info

Chris Steyn is an investigative writer and journalist. Over the years, she has worked for the Rand Daily MailThe Star and the Cape Times. She was editor of the investigative unit of sixteen newspapers in the Independent Newspapers group. In her first book, Publish and be Damned, she writes about the dramatic stories behind some of the major political and criminal scandals she uncovered. Some people were so outraged by what she wrote that they came after her with guns and knives. Death threats were a ‘normal’ part of her job. She went into exile to avoid imprisonment for refusing to testify against a source. She was arrested and tried for protesting against an Apartheid government proclamation that drastically curtailed press freedom. Her time away from the keyboard was spent on horseback and on the fencing piste.  She is the proud owner of a bookshop in Hermanus, the seaside village that she now calls home. 

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