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Mari-Louis Guy
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The sixth offering by the sibling duo Callie Maritz and Mari-Louis Guy. They have written Cakes to celebrate love and life, Cakebread, pudding and pie, Make Give Sell, Cooking for Crowds and ONE pan/pot/tray​. The authors are widely known for their exceptional styling. Mari-Louis is one of the judges in the TV series Koekedoor on kykNET.

Siblings, as well as soul mates, their journey through food continues daily in their kitchen studio in Cape Town where they work with cameras and plays with food. Food-stylists by trade, they work with all forms of media and advertising from stills to video and television, in addition to recipe and product development.

Mari-Louis Guy is a judge on the very popular baking TV show Koekedoor on kykNET.
Callie Maritz writes about any and all South African-made beer and spirits and appears on the food programme DIS on VIAtv

Email: Cakebreadct@gmail.com
Instagram: Mari-Louis Guy
Facebook: Mari-Louis Guy; Cakebread=Mari-Louis Guy & Callie Maritz; ConsumerCallie
Twitter: consumerCallie; Mari-Louis Guy

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