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Elizbè van der Colff
Biographical info

Elizbè van der Colff spent her childhood in Oudtshoorn and Bellville. She holds a BA in Occupational Therapy. Following graduation she specialised in childhood development and ran her own OT practice for a while. She is now full-time mother to Cara, Niel and Annalise. She lives with her husband Nico and family in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Her children were the inspiration behind her first books. Elizbè writes as part of the "Fynbosskrywers" group and has published many short stories in anthologies by this group. She is also a member of the a capella voice ensemble 8 Misses Croon.  

2013: Shortlisted for the MER-prize (Nina en die wacky hare)
2013: Winner of an ATKV-kinderboektoekenning (Nina en die wacky hare) 
2014: Winner in the Kliekclick short story competition (Snowy de Wit en die sewe smurfies)
2015: Winner of an ATKV-kinderboektoekenning (Nina en die funky eksperiment)

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