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Barend Vos
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Barend Vos staunchly believes in the old saying that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. Accordingly, he often writes with his tongue lodged firmly in his cheek, his hand buried religiously in his own bosom and his feet planted firmly on mother earth.

Read an interview with Barend Vos by Fritz Gaum.

His sketches about family life in a parsonage on the deep platteland have been published in five compilations. Of these
George Weideman said: “These are the type of stories you want to read bit by bit to your companion – that is, if you can contain your laughter.”

Cecile Cilliers noticed a “sharp, ironic way of looking at life”. Frits Gaum commented that the sketches “remind one of those of P.H. Nortjé about the inhabitants of Wellington.” These sketches have been published monthly in the magazine LIG for the past ten years, with no end in sight.

Two novels using the Bible as background have emerged from his pen: Eksodus – which won the CBSA prize for fiction in 2001 – and Kanaän. Both these books have been reprinted.

Eksodus also saw a second edition and was translated into English and published as Moses in 2007.

’n Dorp soos Silwer Streams is Vos’s literary debut.


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