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Melissa Scharneck
Biographical info

Melissa Scharneck is currently exploring the fantasy fiction genre from her home in the Eastern Cape. Her three novels, Talia vat grondAlles wat blink and Anderkant die spieël, were published before her thirtieth birthday, and she predicts the four screenplays floating around in her head and laptop will be out before her fortieth.

Melissa likes gardening and cooking up a storm. She teaches Afrikaans and English at a boys’ high school, sometimes writes magazine short stories and runs a small graphic design business. She loves painting and tries to exhibit her work yearly. She also holidays far and wide.

Beyond the movies, her predictions for her future include great happiness, true love and a successful streak a mile wide. She’s very thankful for her successes so far, for her wonderful friends and family, for all the beautiful places and things life has brought her, and for the great opportunities the cosmos sends her way.

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