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Brent Meersman
Biographical info

Brent Meersman is a writer based in Cape Town. His books include Primary Coloured (Human & Rousseau, 2007), Reports before Daybreak (2011), Five Lives at Noon (2013), 80 Gays Around the World (2014) and Sunset Claws (2017). His work has been translated and published in Germany.
He is the co-editor of GroundUp news.  He was a weekly contributor to the Mail & Guardian from 2003 to 2016; a bi-weekly columnist for This is Africa from 2014 to 2018, and South African bureau chief, writing on politics and economics for New Africa Analysis (London) from 2010 to 2011.
Besides his career in journalism and as a writer, he has had an eclectic CV, including being a theatre producer, a property developer, the managing director of a hotel, a performing arts manager for an acapella group, a national campaign manager for an opposition party in South Africa's 2004 election and then Chief of Staff in Parliament to Patricia de Lille who later became the Mayor of Cape Town.

He is a compulsive traveller, having visited 85 countries at the last count, including the Antarctic. 

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