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TT Cloete
Biographical info

Theunis Theodorus Cloete was born on 31 May 1924 in the town of Vredefort in the Free State. After matriculating from Monument High School in Krugersdorp, he attended the University of Pretoria. His studies were cut short after his first year, due to a long illness.

He resumed his studies in 1945 at the Potchefstroom University of Higher Education and attained a B.A. and M.A. in Afrikaans-Dutch, and later a university teaching diploma – all with distinction.

Books still in print

Karnaval en Lent, Tafelberg (2014) 
Onversadig, Tafelberg (2011) 
Onderhoud met ’n bobbejaan, Best Books (2006)


Ingrid Jonker Poetry Prize (1980) – Angelliera
WA Hofmeyr Poetry Prize (1981) – Angelliera
Louis Luyt Prize (1983) – Jukstaposisie
CNA Prize (1985) – Allotroop
WA Hofmeyr Prize (1986) – Allotroop
Honorary Doctors degree from Potchefstroom University (1986)
Hertzog Poetry Prize (1987) – Allotroop and Idiolek
WA Hofmeyr Prize (1990) – Driepas
Rapport Prize (1992) – Met die aarde praat
Rapportryers-prize for poetry (1993) – Met die aarde praat
Hertzog Poetry Prizee (1993) – Met die aarde praat
Andrew Murray Prize (2002)

List of publications


1980 Angelliera, Tafelberg
1982 Jukstaposisie, Tafelberg
1985 Allotroop, Tafelberg
1986 Idiolek, Tafelberg
1989 Driepas, Tafelberg
1992 Met die aarde praat, Tafelberg
1998 Uit die hoek van my oog, Tafelberg
2001 Die baie ryk ure: 100 uitgesoekte gedigte, Tafelberg
2007 Heilige nuuskierigheid, Tafelberg
2011 Onversadig, Tafelberg 
2014 Karnaval en Lent, Tafelberg

Short stories

1984 Die waarheid gelieg, Tafelberg
1997 Identikit, Tafelberg


1986 Onderhoud met ’n bobbejaan, HAUM-Literêr

Photo: Brenda Veldtmann

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