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Jeanette Ferreira
Biographical info

Jeanette Ferreira was born on 20 April 1954 near Tzaneen. She completed her schooling at the Merensky Agricultural High School and later obtained BA Honours and MA degrees at the University of Pretoria and a PhD at Rhodes University (under the guidance of André P. Brink).

She lectured Afrikaans literature at the University of the North, the University of Zululand and Vista University. In 1988 and 1989 she was chairperson of the Afrikaans Writers' Guild.

After her academic career she worked in publishing for 10 years as editor and publisher. She is currently a freelance editor. She has written and compiled several books in a variety of genres, and is particularly known for her popular Anglo-Boer War novels: Babette, Catharina and Charlotta. She lives in Pretoria.

Did you know?

· Her novella Sitate om ’n rewolusie was translated into English (Footnotes on a Revolution) by André Brink, but was never published.
· In 1989 she was a member of the South African delegation of cultural representatives that met with the ANC abroad under the auspices of Idasa.
· Jeanette chooses a piece of music that she listens to continually when she writes a book. For Charlotta it was Oh, virgin of the angel host, sung by the Caerphilly Male Voice Choir.
· In 1999 Babette was adapted into a musical in English that was staged by the RAU Cultural Office. The music critic Paul Boekkooi described it as “an impressive musical love story, a production that should not be missed by enthusiasts of musicals”.

Author bookshelf

Nuwe stories (compiler, Tafelberg, 2012)
Boereoorlogstories 2
, (compilerTafelberg, 2012)
, (compiler, Tafelberg, reissue, 2011)
Die son kom aan die seekant op, Human & Rousseau (2007)


Die Transvaler’s short story competition (1982)

List of titles

1985 Sitate om ’n rewolusie (novella)
1989 Die mammies, die pappies, die hondjies, die katjies (short stories)
1994 Daardie eerste somer (love story)
1994 Bly by my vannag (love story)
1995 Die onsterflikes (science fiction)
1995 Babette (novel)
1996 Catharina (novel)
1998 ’n Man soos Charles (love story)
1999 Charlotta (novel)
2002 Diepwater (novel)
2007 Die son kom aan die seekant op (novel)

1980 Waar een mens saam is

Literary theory
1985 Breyten, die simbool daar

1998 Boereoorlogstories  (New edition 2011)
1999 Liefde loop ver
2001 Kruis en dwars
2005 Op hulle stukke
2012 Boereoorlogstories 2
2012 Nuwe stories 

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